Adam Mark

Web design and development

My Work

Here are just a few samples of my handiwork. Need a hand? Contact me via LinkedIn.

Chartlets (2013)

Roles: Concept, Visual design, API design, Development

I created Chartlets, a snappy little charting library for tablet and mobile web apps. More…

Wordico (2005-2010)

Roles: Concept, Visual design, Interaction design, Development

I created Wordico, a multi-player crossword game similar to that other popular crossword game, but with a few twists. More…

U.S. Census (2010)

Roles: Information design, Development

I developed a series of interactive graphics for the U.S. Census Bureau. More…

Netuitive (2004-2009)

Roles: Visual design, Interaction design, Information architecture, Development

I created user interfaces for systems management applications. More…

Freight Rail Works (2010)

Roles: Development

I developed a microsite for the Association of American Railroads. More…